All Original Comic Book Series will be on the Way!!!

Adrift in the Airwaves radio host, DJ Dark Flow and Indie hip-hop artist, e dono: the Gaijin are going to be in  an original comic book series and we are working alongside with two artists who will become the Illustrators for this project. This isnt just some form of promotion;  there will be a whole "universe of heroes, anti-heros and villains. Our goal is to eventually become like Marvel and DC. Big statement... I know; but all big things, and some point started out small. Why can't we do it?

 e dono the Gaijin and DJ Dark flow will have thier own fictional characters in the series. Not only will this be good promotion for what we do, but readers will be able to experience a whole comic book universe to learn about.

Most people will say,  I can't do this, but that is a 'poor man's mentality. The right statement to make is "I can't do this now, but how can I make this happen?" We are currently writing and sketching up ideas to make this thing happen. I assure you all, this will be done. So STAY TUNED!!! I cannot disclose any other information about this project until paperwork makes all of this safe to show to the public, but hang in there. 

These are the people attempting to make this dream a reality below:

ComicAuthors: Eric Dodson and Stefan Walczak

The Illustrators: Bilal Smith and Jamaul Johnson 



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