From the recording the #donotape


Snippet verse:
Springing forth are Olsteen's and Jakes'./
Holymen: Shape-shifting serpents./
I got venomous mongoose flow for snakes./
I- got eyes to see and the tougue of the learned./
Seven eyes of God got tabs on em': Lounging. Lavish in thier quarters./
God said he ain't coming with water. Watch the whole hood come with mortars!/
I though you were heaven-sent, money!?/
Why "prophets" asking us for jet money./
We hardly have any rent money. Nieghbor down the street needs a kidney!/
Sitting, high they say "Trust in God." In the name of White-jesus, I got robbed!/
And I can't be saved by a Jesus chain, or peices!/
Imma tell you what Beas said!/
"What you conceal will one day come to light!"/
False prophets can't tell me nothing!/
People love darkness more than light!/