From the recording the #donotape

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E-ryDa: "THE NIGHT" feat e dono: the Gaijin

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[There's no time like the night time]
What'chu think we here for?
[To have fun and get live]
Mad cups in the air
[To thank God that we alive]
To the whole world!
[Tonight is the night]

Imma work today,
turn up tonight.
Dance the night away!

(tonight is the night!)

Work another day;
turn up another night!
We gon' get it live.

(tonight is the night)

Verse 1:
The nights calling. I'm feeling like Batman./
Shot glass be my Bat Signal that bids me to mingle./
I worked all day, earned my pay; and its Friday. No woman in my life, so I save my mo'nays./
Single, but it's almost like I'm married to the night./
Imma need a wedding band brighter than her lights./
City child. So don't judge me cause I love the city life./
Nice in the day, but nothing's better than a city night./
Scientists are dead wrong when they claim we're not nocturnal. Come up some night, and let me learn you./
From the city halls and the red lights with pretty girls: this gonna be an anthem for all the cities around the world!/
Breathe in the energy! Smell the essence of the night./
As we speak, clubs turning up tonight./
Even bouncers turning up. hope there won't be fights tonight./
Last thing we need is World-Star recording koon fights./

Verse 2:
Night time is the right time for the moon to enhance my water-flow for prime tides./
Turning ups' okay; but I'd rather turn down. Chillin'; sippin' Henny at a bar up in Chinatown./
I'm in Chinatown 'cause I like China dolls./
No 'co-co' but she love the alcohol./
Swimming in her pun-tang tunnel: China due-south./
I don't need a passport or ticket to be China-bound./
Yea, it's fun; but it's harsh in this night life!/
Don't let 'em know that you're a sheep! Get some wolf hide!./
Survival of the fittest! Win or Lose! Do or Die!/
You can take the low road, I like my road high./
I like my grapes high; glass in the sky./
Life is a pur-suit! You can do or die!/
I prefer work first, THEN it's partytime./
A lazy hand always leads to a poor life!/
(Do NOT become a victim)